HKS Intercooler Kit Civic Type R FK8 K20C

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Product SKU: HKS 13001-AH005

The HKS Intercooler Kit for the new 2017+ Civic Type R is designed to replace your under-sized OEM intercooler with a larger core and proper piping.

This kit includes a redesigned core that double the intercooler volume, cast one-piece aluminum end tanks replace plastic joints for smooth airflow, and aluminum piping ensure zero deformation under high performance needs

HKS USA tested this kit in the US resulting in 383HP/376TQ (at 100 octane) without any temperature issues. This kit is capable of handling most high power needs, including those of the OEM turbo.


  • Works with OEM and HKS Blow-Off Valves
  • Replaces rubber tubes with aluminum piping
  • Cast intercooler core ends smooth out airflow
  • Won't deform under vacuum or boost
  • Twice the volume of the OEM intercooler
  • Made in Japan
  • SPECS:
  • Type: Intercooler Kit
  • Piping Diameter: OEM Size
  • Intercooler Core: 695x178x100 [mm] (OEM: 680x143x64)
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Chassis Codes: FK8
  • Engine Code: K20C1
  • Pieces: 3 piece kit
  • Weight: n/a
  • Notes: Includes clamps and joints for factory fitment
  • Warranty: Manufactures Warranty