Dyno Tuning Services

Here at Impulse Performance we offer complete chassis dyno tuning services for both street and race vehicles. We utilize the very best dynamometers from Dynapack for in-house tuning services. Rated over 1,300 horsepower, our dynamometer gives us the ultimate in control for engine mapping and development with precision RPM and load changes. Most importantly, our dynanometer provides accurate, repeatable and consistent data so that we can offer the best calibrations for our customers and their vehicles.

We offer dyno tuning services for a number of factory and aftermarket engine control systems. Whether you're looking for a simple flash calibration for your street vehicle or a complete standalone ECU solution for your race vehicle, we are here to help your vehicle run properly, efficiently and make maximum power.

Questions? Give us a call at 763-333-1211 or Contact Us and we’ll get in touch with you right away.

Our Process

All of our chassis dyno tuning services start off with an appointment. Please have as much information as possible on your vehicle, the engine setup and modifications and Contact Us to start the process.

Baseline runs are perfect for determining your car's starting point before you begin with any modifications and any additional calibration. Once you have your baseline power and torque numbers you can get an accurate measurement of the gains from additional modifications and calibration.

Here are some things that we may need to know:

  • Vehicle's year, make and model
  • Engine specifications, especially if it has been rebuilt
  • Injector data (if they are not the original factory injectors)
  • Turbocharger/supercharger model, size, trim, etc.
  • List of additional sensors (if they are not the original factory sensors)
  • Any previous or current issues with the vehicle/engine
  • And more...


Upon scheduling your dyno session, a $100 deposit will be due ($50 for baseline runs only). The deposit is fully refundable up until 72-hours before your appointment. After that, if you cancel or reschedule the appointment, you forfeit your deposit in full. Once tuning is completed, the deposit is applied towards your total balance due for services.

Along with a deposit, on most vehicles we require a pre-dyno tune inspection to ensure that your vehicle is ready for the dyno tuning process. (No pre-dyno tune inspection is needed for dyno baseline pulls.) The inspection date can be at any time before your tune date and as late as the day before your tune date. Your vehicle MUST pass inspection before we can tune your vehicle.

A pre-dyno tune inspection is not a vehicle diagnostic session. If you don't know what is wrong with your vehicle, please do not schedule a tuning session.  Please contact us for a proper diagnostic session.

Service Rates

Service Details Rate
Baseline Power and Torque Includes 3-4 runs on the dynamometer, wideband air/fuel monitoring, boost pressure monitoring (when applicable), and a printout of your runs with  $150
($50 deposit)
Dynamometer Rental Sorry, we do not rent our dynamometer. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of our dynamometer, please contact us. N/A

Vehicle Warranty and Emissions

Use or installation of performance parts and tuning may adversely affect the drivability and reliability of your vehicle, and may also affect or eliminate your insurance coverage, factory warranty and new OEM part warranty. Performance parts and services are sold as is without any warranty of any type. There is no warranty stated or implied due to the stress placed on your vehicle by performance parts and our inability to monitor its use, tuning or modification.

Vehicle testing and/or tuning on our dynamometer will push your vehicle to its mechanical limits. Making sure your vehicle is in proper working condition is your responsibility. If your vehicle is not mechanically sound, it may be necessary to pull it off the dyno to diagnose and repair problems. Any diagnostic labor needed in order to safely tune the car to maximum potential will be additional costs not included in your dyno tuning fees.

A vehicle modified by the use of performance parts and tuning may not meet the legal requirements for use on public roads. It is your responsibility to check and comply with all local, state and federal laws prior to operating vehicle on public roads.

We will not disable any emissions control or modify any Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC). Our tuning services will not help you pass emissions if your vehicle is modified or has existing emissions associated problems. Dyno tuning is not a substitute for improper, missing or disabled emissions equipment.