ATE Original TYP 200 Racing Quality DOT4 Brake Fluid

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The ATE brand encompasses brake pads and rotors, boosters, hydraulic control units, master cylinders, wheel speed sensors, brake wear indicators, calipers, brake fluid, hoses, reservoirs, and wheel cylinders. Continental is a global Original Equipment supplier of brake systems and components, and the ATE line offers many genuine Original Equipment parts.

TYP 200 brake fluid achieves a minimal drop in boiling point, due to outstanding water binding properties, resulting in a long-lasting fluid that may not need to be changed for up to 3 years, under normal street driving conditions. Products with lower "wet" boiling points must be replaced more often.

  • 100% Synthetic Brake Fluid – DOT 4
  • Extremely high boiling point for extreme use, eg. track use
  • Minimum dry boiling point: 536 °F (280°C)
  • Minimum wet boiling point: 388°F (198°C)
  • Viscosity at -104 degrees F: max 1,400 mm 2/5

To maintain the functional reliability of brake systems, brake fluid must be changed according to the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer (quality and change interval). In race/track applications, it is critical that brake fluid be routinely changed, to maintain optimum performance.