G-FORCE Rift Snell SA2020 Approved Carbon Fiber Composite Full Face Helmet

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Product SKU: GFR 13014SMLBK

Taking the contemporary styling of the SA2020 Rift helmet and driving it forward is the G-FORCE Racing Gear Rift Carbon Full Face helmet. Constructed using the Strategically Reinforced Composite Shell combined with actual Carbon Fiber in a unique pattern we have crafted an upscale helmet that averages up to three ounces lighter than the standard Rift model while still remaining at low, competitive entry level price point.

Across the front of the shell, a downforce splitter accents the edging for an aggressive look. The crown of the helmet and the chin bar feature multiple ventilation ports for both intake and exhaust around the head and mouth to help you stay cool.

The reinforced mounting points for helmet restraint devices are built into the SRC Shell of the Rift Carbon Helmet to meet the Snell SA2020 specifications.  All Rift Carbon helmets come with an optically corrected clear view shield as well as the full line of tinted shields that can be easily changed on the spot with dual aircraft aluminum, hex-head shield bolts.

The interior of the G-FORCE Racing Gear Rift Carbon helmet is built around the upgraded hypoallergenic, padded flame-retardant comfort liner with TrackPAT vision enhancing print. The result is a helmet that sits low and comfortable as well as helping to break up the solid color in your peripheral vision which can be distracting. The cheek pads are also both removable and replaceable.

For function, the multiple density impact liner is made to react to differing impact situations by compressing laterally utilizing tuned zones of multiple densities, allowing the load to spread and dissipating the force. The chin strap in the Rift Carbon helmet is bolted to the shell with stainless hex-head bolts and is made from durable, flame retardant para-aramid webbing. The Rift Carbon helmet fills the coveted spot as a low-cost Snell SA2020 full face option to keep you safe when you need it most.

  • Composite blend shell
  • Total weight just over 3.3lbs
  • Unique Carbon Fiber pattern
  • Certification: SA2020
  • Upgraded comfort liner with TrackPAT vision enhancing print and removable/replaceable cheek pads
  • Dual-Density EPS liner engineered for maximum performance
  • 3mm thick molded Polycarbonate Shield
  • Precisely molded synthetic rubber shield seal keeps dirt and debris from being a distraction
  • High quality materials allow the chin strap to be thinner for a more comfortable and secure fit
  • Newly designed M6 threaded Head and Neck Restraint anchor
  • Sizes: XSM – XXL (53-64cm)
  • Colors: Black/Unique Carbon Fiber Pattern