GReddy 2017+ Honda Civic Type R (K20C1) Intercooler Kit

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Now in addition to the high quality construction, simple install, improved cooling and stylish looks, the Greddy Performance Products Civic Intercooler kits for the '16-'19 Civic Sport / Si and '17-'19 Civic Type-R are now 50-state street legal via California Air Resources Board Executive Order D-397-11. (as of 4/21/2020)

The Greddy Performance Products Intercooler Upgrade Kits for the 10th Gen. Civics (FK8 Civic Type-R, FC1/FC3 Civic Si, and FK7 Civic Sport Hatchback) include upgraded replacement aluminum hard-piping and feature our world renown “tube and fin” intercooler cores with our carefully matched “inner-fin” structure for an ideal balance of high cooling with low pressure drop (not cheaper extruded inner tubes). This effective design is not only light-weight and efficient for cooling down air intake temperatures of turbo boost, but it’s external aerodynamic tube and fin profile helps keep vital cooling systems like the radiator feed with cool ambient air-flow, when in motion or with just the stock fan. This contributes to an overall more effective cooling solution for the a turbocharged Civic in many types of applications (road course, autocross, drag, etc...)

To keep engine power up and consistent, lap after lap, it is important to address the stock intercooler. The latest generation of Honda factory turbocharged engines make great power when cool, but use a compact OEM intercooler, which tends to easily retain heat. This “heat soak” along with the ECU’s sensitive safety protocols reduces engine power by compensating with lower boost levels and retarded timing. During our “back to back to back” tests, the OEM factory intercooler saw loss in power of up to: -25hp/20ft/lbs for the K20 (CTR) and -20hp/12ft/lbs for the L15 (Sport/Si). While our larger more heat-soak-resistant, GPP intercooler kits, maintained consistent gains over stock of through the lower-mid to high RPM range, even after more than 3 consecutive dyno runs.