Haltech CAN Keypad for Nexus and Elite 8 Button (2x4)

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Product SKU: HAL HT-011501

With soft touch, ergonomically designed buttons, the Haltech CAN Keypad is easy to use and simple to configure. Haltech CAN Keypads are a plug and play control solution for Haltech’s Elite and Nexus series ECUs.

The back light and LED indicator lights feature adjustable brightness and add clarity while tastefully blending with any car interior. Each button can be setup as either a momentary or a toggle function. Momentary switches are used for things like staging creep control where the function stays on only for as long as you areholding the button down.

A toggle switch can be used for headlights where you press the button once for the lights to come on, and they stay on until the button is depressed a second time to turn the output off.

There are three LED status lights on each button; green, amber and red.

  • Green indicates the current state of the button (on or off)
  • Amber represents the output state of the function associated with the button
  • Red indicates an error status


  • Available in 2x4 and 3x5 button configurations
  • Expand the functionality of your ECU or VCU by adding extra inputs
  • Dimmable LED indicators
  • Ergonomically designed soft touch buttons
  • Supplied with a set of custom labels
  • Simple to install and easy to set up
  • Vibration and impact resistant, ideal for Motorsport use
  • Sealed to IP67 rating
  • Operating Temperature -40C to +85C
  • Long Life: 1,000,000 cycles per key

Package Includes

  • 8 Button Keypad (2x4)
  • Adaptor Harness DT-4 to DTM-4
  • DTM to DTM Cable 1.2m / 4ft
  • Buttons Label Set
  • Mounting Nut and Washer Kit

Note: For NEXUS and Elite devices only. Not compatible with Platinum or earlier ECUs