Haltech WB2 Dual Channel CAN O2 Wideband Controller Kit with NTK LZA08-H5 Sensors

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Smaller, lighter and water-proof! The new Haltech Wideband Controller can now be safely fitted inside your engine bay but that's not all... Haltech Wideband Controllers allow the user to accurately measure air/fuel ratios over a wide range from rich to lean via the Haltech CAN system for precise engine tuning.

A wideband oxygen sensor allows the air/fuel ratio to be measured over a very broad range (often from 0.34 - 1.5 Lambda). The stock oxygen sensor (usually a narrow band
sensor) can only measure the air/fuel ratio over a very narrow range (from around 0.99 - 1.01 Lambda).

The Haltech Wideband Controller is a plug and play wideband solution for your Haltech system. This product increases functionality of all Haltech NEXUS, Elite and Platinum ECUs with its plug and play CAN compatibility. It is easily programmed and controlled through NSP, ESP or ECU Manager software.

When a Haltech Wideband controller is connected to a Haltech ECU the diagnostic
information is broadcast directly to the ECU. This additional diagnostic information is used by the ECU to determine if the sensor is up to operating temperature. If the sensor has a short or fault condition or if the sensor has been disconnected, the ECU will automatically turn off closed loop O2 control (if it’s enabled) and run in open loop mode.

Package Includes

  • Dual-Channel CAN Wideband Controller
  • 2 x NTK LZA08-H5 Sensors
  • CAN Cable (4'/1200mm)
  • Power Supply Cable
  • 2 x Weld-on Bung
  • Quick Start Guide

Note: The Haltech Wideband Controller can be mounted to a flat surface in the engine bay using the two mounting holes provided in the enclosure. The controller should be located as far as possible from any extreme sources of heat (exhaust, turbocharger,
etc.) Although the Haltech WB1 / WB2 Controllers are sealed units, it is good practice to mount them in an orientation that prevents water from collecting on the connector(s)