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Injector Dynamics Fuel Injector USCAR to EV1, Honda OBD1 Plug-and-Play Adapter

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Plug and play adaptor to allow direct plug in of OBD1/EV1 injector clips to Injector Dynamics injectors. No need to cut or splice your engine harness. Priced individually.


  • These adaptors will give you a plug and play installation for any application with the typical rectangle injector connector, known as the EV1 connector.
  • OBD1 Honda applications, EVO 9 applications, and any application with older style RC, Delphi, Precision, etc injectors
  • Most older domestic applications also use the EV1 connector
  • Pricing is per adapter. (ie, You will need to order four for a 4-cylinder engine and six for a 6-cylinder engine, etc.)