Link ECU CAN Lambda Controller

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Air fuel ratio information is essential information that all tuners need. The fuel input, power output and air fuel ratio present in the exhaust form the basis of all fuel tuning. Link CAN-Lambda Modules give users a powerful method of adding multiple oxygen sensors and bringing them into the ECU for monitoring or closed-loop lambda control. CANLambda Modules can be easily added to an existing CAN Bus, then programmed to provide the required oxygen content.

Link CAN-Lambda uses a digital Bosch lambda controller to monitor, control and diagnose Bosch LSU 4.9 Wideband Lambda sensors. Digital wideband offers advantages over analog sensors; no need for calibration, the digital lambda controller is less vulnerable to the electrical noise found in the engine bay of an automobile, specifically noise created by the high temperatures near the exhaust. Transferring the information over a CAN bus means that signals are invariant to any noise encountered on the way to the ECU.

Link CAN-Lambda is easy to configure with Link ECUs, and is also compatible with other aftermarket ECUs, dataloggers and dashboard displays that offer direct support for Link CAN-Lambda modules or configurable CAN.


  • CAN bus for bidirectional communication and no signal loss.
  • Entirely digital controller and signal processing prevents circuit variation and aging problems.
  • Latest Bosch technology OEM grade controller
  • Automatic calibration using OEM sensor trim resistor
  • Probe temperature compensation
  • Fully configurable through existing PCLink Software from version onward.
  • Maintains accuracy through variations in temperature.
  • Disable when the engine is stalled by receiving RPM over CAN (optional).
  • Exhaust Pressure Compensation by receiving exhaust pressure over CAN (optional).


  • Operating Temp -20 to 100 °C (-4 to 212 °F)
  • Sensor Genuine Bosch LSU4.9
  • Sensing Range 0.67 - 10 Lambda
  • Pressure Compensation 0.5 to 2.5 Bar
  • CAN Frequency 1Mbit/s,500kbit/s,250kbit/s,125kbit/s,100kbit/s