Link ECU Intake Air Temperature IAT Sensor (Bosch Style)

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Link's intake-air temperature (IAT) sensor determines the temperature of the air in the intake suction pipe and sends the signal to the ECU/EMS. Using the data from the IAT sensor, the ECU/EMS controls the air/fuel ratio your engine needs for proper combustion and ignition under those specific ciumstances.

This IAT sensor is a fast response air temp sensor with a good connector and small body. It uses an open element for quick response and has the same calibration as the Bosch sensor so it’s compatible with any system that has a calibration for the Bosch sensor.


  • Includes 2-pin Bosch style plug, terminals and boot
  • Aluminium and steel weld-in mounting bosses available (IATBMA & IATBMS). Sold separately.