Link G4X Plug and Play ECU for 06-07 Subaru WRX STi v10 EJ25 GD GG w/ e-throttle

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The Link G4X range of engine management systems builds upon the previous G4+ ECUs by featuring an all new micro-processor, an upgraded communications chip and expanded data logging. These improvements allow for a more responsive and accurate tune, much faster download speeds and far greater internal data logging capacity.

The Link G4X range of engine management systems are well known for delivering class-leading performance without sacrificing factory levels of drivability. The G4X plug-in ECUs are designed to be the most complete plug-in solution yet.

This V10 WRX/STI plug-in ECU will save you time and money as it will plug straight into the vehicle’s original wiring loom without the need for messy adapter harnesses. It replaces the original circuit board inside the factory ECU enclosure and mounts using the factory brackets.

This Link G4X Subaru WRX/STI plug-in ECU is suitable for the models listed below:

Subaru Impreza WRX & STI Impreza (MY2004-2007 GD or GG chassis series with 2.5L engine, variable cam control and electronic throttle/drive-by-wire)

Note: Not compatible with the GR/GH/GE/GV hatchback or 3rd generation WRX’s

Please check your connector matches the header in the listed photo before purchasing. This ECU works for manual transmissions only.  

There are two different Subaru Impreza WRX 2.5L ECUs available, which cover the 2.5L models through various (often overlapping) years and international markets.

To determine whether either of these two ECU’s are suitable for your application, in the first instance, the following criteria must be meet:

Chassis series = GD or GG
Engine capacity = 2.5L only
Continuously variable camshaft timing = Yes
Electronic throttle = Yes

The fastest and most reliable way to tell, is to check whether pins A1-3 are populated. If the pins have wires, you need the WRX104X, if there are no wires, you need the WRX107X 

Once the installation is complete, the Link G4X allows a good tuner to achieve an optimal state of tune to get the most out of any combination of modifications.

All Link G4X plug-in ECUs come with a base map. While these maps are designed to help save time for you and your tuner, it is essential that these are used simply as a starting point for further tuning.

The engine can easily be converted to speed density by removing the air flow meter and instead using a suitable MAP and air temperature sensor. Likewise, this ECU can also be setup to control boost electronically with in-cabin adjustment. This eliminates the need to purchase a separate electronic boost control system.

The vehicle’s original sensors & actuators are used except for the following exceptions:
  • MAP sensor – For all models the factory MAP sensor is supported. These sensors are capable of measuring up to 1.64Bar (23.5psi) of boost. If more boost is intended to be used a higher rated MAP sensor can be connected to the existing wires. The airflow sensor is not required.
  • Inlet Air Temp sensor (IAT) – An appropriate IAT sensor (available separately), should be installed just prior the throttle body even on models that have a factory fitted IAT sensor near the airbox. The factory IAT wiring can be used on models that have a factory fitted IAT sensor. On all other models the IAT sensor can be wired via the expansion connector on the ECU using the XS loom.
  • Boost control – The factory boost solenoid control wiring is used, however the boost solenoid must be upgraded on applications using an external wastegate or elevated boost levels.
  • Injectors – The G4X plug in is NOT designed to be used with low impedance injectors. All the Subaru models this G4X plug-in is designed for use high impedance injectors so no changes are necessary. 

Extra sensor inputs

The expansion connectors on the Link G4X board is provided to allow the easy connection of additional ECU inputs. These may be used for functions such as driver adjustable boost control, switchable fuel/ignition maps, wideband lambda input, external MAP sensor, fuel pressure and oil temp/pressure.