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Radium Engineering 2000-05 Honda S2000 Fuel Rail Plumbing Kit

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Product SKU: RAD 20-0091-PK

This Radium Engineering plumbing kit permits the S2000 fuel rail to be a plug and play affair. The green 6AN male fitting secures directly to the factory inverted flare line and the 8AN ORB to 6AN male fitting secures to the upper rear fuel rail port. The 6AN PTFE line is used as the new feed line by connecting these 2 aforementioned fittings. The two 8AN ORB fittings plug the front and rear fuel rail ports. The OEM fuel pressure regulator connects to all of the factory lines.

NOTE: Compatible only with Radium fuel rail 20-0091-02
Installation instructions found at www.radiumauto.com.