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Radium Engineering Fuel Rail RB25DET Neo

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Product SKU: RAD 20-0537

Manufactured with a large 0.69" internal bore, the fuel rail can support all any engine power requirements. The Radium fuel rail converts the OEM side feed fuel injector setup to top feed injectors, allowing the use of a wide variety of aftermarket fuel injectors available on the market.

This kit is compatible with E85.

The fuel rail has four 8AN ORB ports that can be used for fuel inlet, outlet or for plumbing option accessories. All unused ports must be plugged.

The rail is extruded and CNC machined from solid 6063 aluminum and black anodized for a high quality surface finish.

The green injector seats press into the intake manifold and provide a sealed base for the top feed fuel inejctors to sit on. These injector seats require fuel injectors with a 14mm lower O-ring (common size).

Fuel Injector Compatibility

The kit includes 2 sets of spacers to suit multiple height injectors. The thermally insulating spacers offer excellent resistance to heat transfer.

Use the tall spacers and longer mounting bolts:

  • Top bore - 14mm
  • Bottom bore - 14mm
  • Injector height - 48mm

Use the shorter spacers and mounting bolts:

  • Top bore - 14mm
  • Bottom bore - 14mm
  • Injector height - 34mm


Package Includes:

  • Black Anodized Aluminum Fuel Rail
  • Insulating Spacers, Short (x3)
  • Insulating Spacers, Tall (x3)
  • Insulating Washers (x3)
  • O-ring Sealed Injector Seats
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Short (x3)
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Bolts, Tall (x3)


  • This fuel rail is for the Nissan RB25DET NEO engine ONLY! This is commonly found in the R34 Skyline among others. For the Nissan RB25DET (non NEO) fuel rail, see Radium Engineering 20-0277.

Note: Installation instructions available at www.radiumauto.com