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RV6 Performance 2017+ Civic Type-R 2.0T FK8 Rear Toe Control Arms

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Experience unparalleled control and performance with RV6 Performance's adjustable rear toe arms! Originally developed for HPD and only available to road racing teams, these adjustable links are designed to replace the factory lower arms, which are not adjustable and made from stamped sheet metal with rubber bushings.

With complete control over the toe angle at the rear wheels, RV6 Performance's adjustable rear toe arms offer exceptional handling and maximum traction. These links are made with high-quality spherical rod ends, manufactured in the USA, that eliminate slop in the system.

Whether you're looking to personalize your vehicle's handling or need to make adjustments due to changes in suspension geometry, RV6 Performance's adjustable rear toe arms are the essential solution. They have been race-proven and come pre-installed on HPD's FK8 turn-key race car, so you can trust their performance and reliability.